Is it Possible to Download Free GPS Navigation DVDs?

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Is it Possible to Download Free Navigation DVDs?

The short answer to this question is no. The only way that you can update your Honda, Acura, Ford, etc. GPS devices is by buying the new 2015 DVDs which are listed to in this guide.  Attempting to download Navigation Hacks or Torrent files could even compromise the security of your PC or damage the dashboard GPS device within your vehicle.

Hacking Navigation DVD is Illegal

Firstly it is illegal to try to hack the existing Car Navigation DVD with new maps.  Any form of attempting to change, update, or download the software for free means you will be breaking various legal statements and laws.  If you are comfortable with breaking the law though, this might not overly concern you – but perhaps the next point will?

Don’t Download Navigation DVDs from Torrent Websites or Pirates

Many websites are currently offering links for drivers to download a free software version of the New Navigation Maps & DVD.  These websites tend to operate outside of US legislation boundaries, for example in places like Russia and the old Soviet Union.  Which is fine, however, these websites are renowned for being nothing more than virus farms.  As an example, one Acura customer recently downloaded a set of zipped archive files that were allegedly meant to contain a patched version of updated GPS maps – replicating the Acura Navigation DVD.  In fact, all these files contained was advanced computer virus files and a complicated Trojan Horse application that ended up hijacking the person’s PC – meaning that they not only wasted time downloading the files, but also ended up with a computer that was rendered useless and had to be completely re-formatted in order to work.